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Here are resources to help clarify your understanding about our landscaping services. Got a question that still goes unanswered? Contact us.

What type of paving is best for an outdoor alfresco area?

Large paving slabs generally look better in an outdoor area, as they make the alfresco appear bigger.

Does Xtreme Yards provide regular garden maintenance?

Yes we do, it all depends on the area you wanted maintained and your location in Perth.

Should I install a weed mat to my garden beds?

I would tell all my clients, No, as weeds can and will still grow on top of the mat, as seeds can still be blown onto your garden beds which may cause weeds. Also when installing weed mats you need to cut around plants, which means that weeds will still creep through any holes/cuts.

Should I seal my pavers?

Yes, if you want your pavers to remain fresh and new looking we would advise to seal your pavers. We would suggest that your pavers are sealed every 2 years after being laid, especially if your paving is in a ‘high traffic area’, being a pool or alfresco area or around your home. Paving sealant is available at Bunnings.

What type of reticulation is best used in a garden bed?

I would suggest that dripper tube is installed to garden beds, as it is hidden under mulch/sand, it is less likely to break and when heavily mulched over, it provides better moisture for your plants, which is water wise!

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