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Xtreme Yards History

I have over 15 years of landscaping knowledge, from working in New Zealand where I
learnt my trade, to travelling to the UK & Europe where I helped to design and in
stall pond pools. I then worked in high end landscaping in central London. I then moved to Perth and decided to start Xtreme Yards.

Every job is doable, and never too hard. My love of design and landscaping makes m
e easy to interact and work with. Clients like that I am a
one stop shop, as I do everything from paving to decking, you name it, we do
it - if its in your yard, we do it!

  • 15 Years Of Landscaping Knowledge
  • Domestic & Internationally Experienced
  • Trusted Landscaping Services
  • The Job Done Right The First Time

Get to know Adam

It all started with gardening with my parents as a child, I then started building things out of timber with my dad who is a builder. Then in my mid-teens I always liked watching backyard makeovers on TV. From there I got a job with a landscaping company at the age of 16.
From there my passion for creating things grew into a passion of creating awesome front and backyards for people.
Im passionate about the outdoors and outdoor living, so I bring that passion into my work and love creating something for clients that before had something average.
Whether it be simple lawn and garden bed install, to pools, paving and limestone walls.

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